The Dutch Royal Family

Being a pretty young monarchy the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in 1815. Since then it has been governed by members of the House of Orange-Nassau. Its first ruler was King William I.  Queen Beatrix has been the reigning monarch for more than 30 years. The monarch is known to have limited power and doesn’t make any political pronouncements and always remains neutral.

Queen Beatrix was born on January 31, 1938. She was the first child of Prince Bernhard and Princess Juliana. She became a queen after her mother Juliana in 1980. Her husband is Prince Claus. Together they have three sons Prince Constantijn, Prince Friso and Prince Willem-Alexander. As the eldest son Prince William-Alexander is the current successor of the throne. Queen’s Juliana role as the head of the state is to represent the country both internationally and domestically.  
Queen’s Day is the national Dutch holiday when the whole country turns orange (the color of the Royal family) to honor the queen. There are festivities and celebrations on every corner. The amount of the alcohol consumed for the health of the Queen is definitely enough to secure well-being for the whole Royal family.

Claus van Amsberg became Prince Claus (1926-2002) after he married Princess Beatrix. His German nationality was a widely discussed topic in the country. He was interested in technological innovations, nature and the preservation of historic sites. He occupied various positions including at the telecommunications company and at the Dutch central bank. In the early 90s he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. On 6 October 2002 he passed away.

The son of Prince Claus and the Queen Beatrix Prince William-Alexander was born on 27 April 1967. His official titles are the Prince of Orange and His Royal Highness.  The prince is an advocate for the Dutch Ministry of Defense, infrastructure and ICT and water management. In 2002 he married Maxiama Zorreguieta. They have three children Princess Ariane, Princess Amalia and Princes Catharina-Amalia.

Their children go to school as all ordinary children in their age. The Dutch princesses have their hobbies. They love swimming, piano, ballet and horse riding. At home they speak mainly Dutch and learn Spanish from their mother. Máxima Zorreguieta was born in Argentina, after her marriage with the Prince her official titles are Mrs van Amsberg, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Maxima Princess of the Netherlands. The Prince and the future Princess met at a party in Sevilla. In 2001 she received Dutch citizenship and in 2002 they got married. Nowadays the family of the Prince lives in De Horsten Estate in Wassenaar.