The Worthwhile Holland Vacation

Taking holiday trips is always fun, and if you’re thinking about your next vacation location, you’re about to learn why Holland could be a great pick for you and your family or friends. It has a ton of things to do and places to see, and more culture and heritage than a lot of people know exist there. Keep reading to find out what you can do in Holland and why, no matter what you’re interested in, it is a great pick for you and your entire family.

Art & Architecture

Holland is known mainly for cheese making and cycling. One of its best-kept secrets is that when it comes to art and architecture, it can compete with Rome itself. If you take a trip to Holland, be sure to make a stop through Amsterdam, where you can find the Royal Palace, a 350-year-old building of beauty. While you’re there you can also check out the Royal Palace Museum, where you can take a one-hour tour with a reservation (plan this two weeks ahead).

If you’re an architecture enthusiast you’ll also be happy to simply drive around and look at the different houses. Holland is incredibly populated, so the people had to be creative with saving space in their blueprints and structure. You’ll be impressed by the unique builds you’ll find in Holland.

If you’re a Van Gogh fan in particular, go to the Kroller-Muller Musem to see some of his best and most popular pieces!


If you decide on Holland, know that you won’t be leaving without taking a trip on a canal, just like the movies. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and it’s recommended that you go in the evening so you’ll be surrounded by stars, candles and peace.


If you have a flower enthusiast on your trip, then you’ll want to head over to Aalsmeer to take a tour through the flower fields. You’ll get to see beauty at its finest if you go to the Garden of Europe at Keykenhof, where you’re bound to be impressed by the world’s largest flower garden.


If you would like to get away to nature, go to de Hoge Veluwe, which has over 5k miles of nature trails and woodland. You’ll also get to see some lakes, driftsand, and animals while you’re there!


Vacations are all about getaways, which means that you should have a go-to place to do just that when you’re ready to wind-down and relax in Holland. Go to Vondelpark to find skating rinks, cafes, lakes, gardens, and music. You may even show up on a day that Vondelpark is offering a free concert, which could be incredibly fun for everyone.


Holland has a lot of history to offer, if that’s what you’re interested in. One of the most visited places is the Anne Frank Huise (House) which has become a gateway back into history itself for those interested in learning more about WWII and the German occupation.

Cheese Market

As previously stated, Holland is known for its cheese. It would be a shame to visit without going to one of the cheese markets to have a taste and try. If you go anytime from April to September, visit Alkmaar for the Waagplein cheese market, which is one of the biggest and most popular in all of Holland.


If you’re a cycler at home, there’s no reason to miss out on cycling in one of the worlds most cycling-enthusiastic places. It’s Holland’s favorite form of transport, and you can rent a bicycle on almost any corner to make your way from point A to point B, or even give yourself a city-wide tour and explore wherever you are at the time.


Utrecht is a University you should visit if you have children. What’s wrong with having a worldly knowledge of the options available? It’s also beautiful, with a fun vibe and artsy, youthful culture, the family will have fun taking a tour of Utretch while in Holland.

Get Involved

One of the main reasons to visit another country for a vacation is to become acquainted with a different culture, so get involved! Don’t just take tours, go throughout the cities and meet people. Go downtown away from the touristy areas and get to know what the culture is really like, without being filled with tourism. Eat at authentic restaurants and check out the scenes where the Hollanders play. It’s a perfect way to complete an already fun vacation, and head back home knowing that you saw everything you could.

From cheese markets to museums to cycling to just taking a trip out on the town, now you know what Holland has to offer. It’s difficult to know everything you can do in Holland and not add it to your wish list for vacation locations.