Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canals very often shown on the postcards represent the beauty of this fascinating city. First canals were built at the beginning of the 14th century, the majority of them however appeared later in the 17th century because of the government's decision to build them around the city.

They are very attractive and have changed the image of the city for the best. And not only the image! They make it easier and more comfortable in getting around in Holland itself and the city as there is a bus system on the canals which operates three different routes within the city. For visitors the canals are also a good way to experience the city and its attractions on the water. There are huge numbers of boat tours and different excursions offered for tourists. There are also many parades and special events on the canals. 

The canals create 90 islands and more than one thousand bridges within the city limits.

Among the most notable and picturesque ones are:

  1. Herengracht
    In Amsterdam city center there are three major canals and the one of them is Herengracht. It is the most romantic and beautiful in the evening being the perfect place for taking pictures and enjoying the evening. 
  2. Keizersgracht
    Keizersgracht in English means Emperor's Canal. It is the second and the widest of the three major canals. In the evening when the lights are on it is the most romantic place in the whole city and you feel like a character from a story book. 
  3. Prinsengracht
    Prinsengracht is named after the Prince of Orange. Along the Prinsengracht are such famous attractions as Anne Frank House, the Westerkerk and the Noordermarkt.

The area between these three canals is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Holland

Among the new canals in the city are Majanggracht, Brantasgracht and Seranggracht. They were constructed in 1995 and greatly contribute to the city’s general image. 

The canals add this peculiar charm to the whole city. Even though they look really pretty it's not a good idea to swim in them. The sanitary conditions are however maintained, they are flushed several times a week but still are not the best places for swimming.

To avoid swimming in the canals, don't even try to take pictures on the Red Light District. It is very important that you respect the privacy of both workers and visitors of the district otherwise you or your camera can be thrown by the pimps in the canal nearby.

What you can take pictures of – is of course the canals itself, in any time of day and year. As a tourist you should bring lots of photos home.