Camping in Holland

Holland boasts of a great selection of campsites. It offers both basic and luxury camping which can be either in the wooden provinces or along the coast. You have a great variety of options to choose from starting with small bungalows or cabins with limited facilities to family campsites with a playground and a swimming pool.

Besides ordinary campsites Holland has to offer some unique experiences like an outdoor safari tent, a Tipi tent, Mongolian Yurt or a tent hanging from the tree. The majority of campsites are open from April to October.

 Top Camping Destinations In Holland:


Hindeloopen is an old city on the North of the country on the lake Ijsselmeer. Camping Hinderloopen offers an amazing view over the lake as well as a lot of different activities for both parents and their kids. There is a children’s zoo and a tennis court. Moreover it is one of the destinations most loved by swimmers and surfers. 


The camping is located on an island in the IJmeer. It is known for its friendly atmosphere and a perfect location. It offers different kinds of accommodation for every budget. Here you can either rent a tent or a cabin. Cabins are great alternatives to hostels especially for those who prefer staying outdoors. Here you will find everything for an enjoyable stay.


If you are travelling with your kids, Sotterum is definitely the best option for you. It is a pretty small campsite with lots of different activities for kids and a scenic location next to Lake Ijsselmeer. In this site you will find several playgrounds, cafes, lambs and ponies. Besides there is also an opportunity to rent luxurious mobile homes

Gaasper Camping Amsterdam

It is one of the biggest campsites in Holland located not far from the capital city of Amsterdam. Gaasper Camping Amsterdam is a well-organized modern campsite with a stunning area, a nice lake and woods. Here you may go fishing, windsurfing, rowing and sailing. It is easy to get from the campsite to the city.


This campsite is ideal for everyone who loves different kinds of watersports. It is located on the private pond and is also great for families travelling with kids. With such a great variety of things to do you and your kids will never get bored.

If you are planning a camping trip, make your plans as earlier as possible because the best camping sites usually get booked well in advance. Don’t forget to pack appropriate footwear and clothing especially if you are planning on hiking. A first-aid box is a must in any trip.

If you are going camping for the first time it is better to go with somebody that has already done it before thus you will learn something new every day.