Maastricht has everything to satisfy. Among its attractions you can find casemates, caves, forts and many other sites that attract millions of people.

Maastricht is situated in the southern part of the Limburg province. It is famous for being the city of history, culture, shopping and education. Maastricht nowadays has a growing population of international students coming to Holland more and more often, mainly thanks to different grants and the wide choice of English language programs.

Maastricht’s attractions are the tours to the casemates. During the siege these underground tunnels were used to attack the enemies. They were built between 1575 and 1825. A hard work was done to build such defensive structures as city walls, forts and moats. Thanks to its favorable position alongside the river Meuse, Maastricht has always had strategic benefits.  A tour through the casemates is an amazing experience. You can arrange one where the guide will explain you every detail. Famous St. Pieter caves are another attractions very much loved by tourists. Throughout the years, the caves served as a refuge for citizens during the sieges which Maastricht has endured. The temperature in the caves is approximately 10°C so don’t forget to bring your jacket!

Those of you interested in fortifications of Maastricht should walk through St. Pieter Fort. You can only visit Fort with a guide. You will find out everything about the holes in the moat and the tunnels. It is one of the most impressive fortifications of Maastricht where you may also enjoy the magnificent view. 

Religious tourists travel all the way to Maastricht to see the Basilicas of Our Lady and St. Servatius. The city offers many museums, historical buildings, spacious squares and hidden alleys.

Maastricht has everything to satisfy even shopaholics, as it has fashion boutiques, luxury stores and lively shopping streets. Maastricht is built around Vrijthof Square. The majority of the main shopping streets are connected to it. If you’re looking for exclusive brand, you should go to the Stokstraatkwartier. ‘Wolfstraat’ and ‘Stokstraat’ are the streets where you can find any luxurious brand you’re looking for.  Pretty much every day is a market day here.

Other fun attractions like white village and Valkenburg are just a short ride away from Maastricht. 

White village of Thorn

It's known as 'the white village' for its white brick houses in the center. Thorn attracts many tourists who want to see its cobbled streets and beautiful Abbey Church with their own eyes. 


You can reach Valkenburg easily from Maastricht by train, car or even bike. Valkenburg is a small municipality that has always attracted tourists. In Valkenburg restaurants you can refresh yourself before continuing your trip.

There is undoubtedly much to see and to do there. You can wonder around ruined Valkenburg castle, visit or even take part in one of the biggest cycling events - UCI Road Cycling World Championship and visit its two famous theme parks Familypark Valkenier and Sprookjesbos.