Tilburg – is the second largest city in the Noord-Brabant province and the sixth city in Holland. The name Tilburg was first documented in the year 709. In 1809 it was granted a city status. For a long time Tilburg used to be a “wool capital” of Holland. But nowadays it is characterized by the number of enterprises. Higher education is of significant importance in Tilburg, Tilburg University is known all over the world thanks to scholarships and a big amount of English-taught programs. Near 10 % of students are international.  Thanks to a large student population the city has a busy nightlife with lots of bars and cafés throughout the city.

The city has a lot to boast of. The Tilburg funfair for instance is the largest of its kind in Europe. It lasts for two weeks during July, and all sorts of fun activities like fortune tellers, food stalls are a part of this event. It’s an ancient dutch tradition going back to Roman times. The first fairground rides began to appear in the 18th century, they used to be small and made of wood. Today, a fair contains a mixture of attractions divided into the categories of adult or thrill rides, children's rides, sideshows and side stalls. Most side stalls only offer food or games. The rides may vary every year, but one side show has been around for many years and has become legendary. This is the 'Beer Hall', an enormous tent holding hundreds of people, while on a stage several singers perform cheery songs in the Dutch language. The funfair lasts for ten days starting on Friday and ending with fireworks on Sunday night. Every day has a certain theme. Most famous is the Monday though, which has become known as 'Pink Monday'. Monday during the fair week is known as the ‘Pink Monday’ and is a gay festival within the main festival.

Another famous attraction in Tilburg is de Beekse Bergen - the biggest and most popular zoo/safari park in the Netherlands. More than 1500 animals live here. You can drive your own car past rhinos, lions, tigers and giraffes. Here you can also switch to a safari boat. It's also possible to explore the park on foot as a path a few miles long leads you past monkeys, elephants, bears and many other animals. Children who still have energy to spare can burn off some adrenaline at the Kilimanjaro playground.

Tilburg has an outstanding Modern Art Museum which is so loved by visitors of the city. For nature lovers Tilburg has to offer the Leijpark and the Reeshofpark where you can relax from the noise of the city and enjoy the view. Different kinds of sports are popular in the city mostly thanks to students. Tilburg is proud of its local football team, annual road running competition, hockey clubs etc. It can satisfy any tourist, even the most demanding ones.