Everything You Need to Know About Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city filled with the amazing architecture. It’s a destination to a huge number of visitors thanks to it’s mysterious spirit. You can not only enjoy it’s architecture and museums in the daytime, but also stroll in one of the coffeeshops in the evening and legally buy a small quantity of marijuana and hash. The only fact that the city has around 150 coffeshops is truly astonishing.

Everything written below is for the purpose of education and information only. Though some of you may find it useful planning your first trip to Amsterdam or a first visit to a coffeshop.

The first time can be really mysterious! We will try to answer all the questions you may possibly have

What Is an Amsterdam Coffeeshop?

Amsterdam coffeeshop is definitely not to be mixed with a coffee shop everywhere else. Each coffeeshop has a theme. Many of them are decorated with Rasta stuff, and some play reggae while others prefer pop music. They all differ in style approach and atmosphere. Everyone will find something for his or her taste.

How Will the New law Change the Selling of Marijuana?

From October 1, 2011 in the city of Maastricht only the Dutch and the visitors from Belgium and Germany are allowed to buy marijuana in the coffeeshops. These changes are not yet expected to be introduced in Amsterdam in the nearest future.  

Is It legal to Buy Cannabis in Amsterdam?

People aged 18+ can buy up to 5 grams per day in a coffeeshop, and legally smoke it in any coffeeshop. If you aren’t familiar with the weights and measures of marijuana or hash, 5 grams is a LOT! It’s much more than any normal person could smoke in a few days. 

Are Marijuana and Hash Different Things?

They actually are, but not much. Marijuana (weed, pot, dope, grass, ganja) consists of dried flowers or buds from the cannabis sativa or cannabis indica plants. Hash (hashish) is a concentrated resinous drug extracted from the same plants by a variety of methods. Hash comes in brownish blocks that have a clay-like consistency. 

How do I Go About Buying Marijuana or Hashish Once Inside?

This is probably the most embarrassing part for the first-time visitor.  The thing is that coffeshops aren’t allowed to advertise the cannabis outside or even inside, that’s why a lot of travellers may find is confusing. Just scan for green and white flag symbol that says coffeeshop on it. You just have to ask to see the menu and you will kindly be given one with all types of marijuana and hashish together with the price.

But be careful, don’t choose the strongest thing on the menu!