Dutch Beaches

Not everyone knows that Holland is a country with extremely beautiful beaches and great vacation spots. All the beaches in the country can be divided into the groups: Zeeland, the coastline of North-Holland and South-Holland provinces and the Wadden Islands. 

Zeeland’s Coast

Zeeland is a paradise for beach lovers. The sun here shines 135 hours more than in the rest of the country. Zeeland’s coastline is more than 650 kilometers. The popular resorts are: Westkapelle, Ouddorp, Renesse, Vlissingen, Domburg, Dishoek, Oostkapelle and Cadzand.    

Zeeland boasts of the first lighthouse with a lighting system based on revolving mirrors which is located in Westkapelle. It was built in 1470 and is a part of the Sint Willibroduskerk church

Here you will also find the longest piece of art in Europe along the De Wielingen street in Cadzand. It represents a series of neoclassical columns and is more than 3600 ft long. In Zeeland you will also have a chance to see the longest bridge in the country. It is three miles long and is located between Colijnsplaat and Zierjkzee. 

Besides that, near Hoek van Holland there is a flood barrier, the unique one in the world. The whole construction is four times heavier than Eiffel Tower and two times bigger.  

Wadden Islands 

They are the five islands in Wadden Sea: Schiermonnikoog, Ameland, Vieland, Terschelling and Texel. All of them have marvelous flora and fauna, fascinating beaches and dunes as well as breathtaking view extending for miles across the Wadden Sea. 

The biggest of the Wadden Islands is Texel. The beach here extends more than 18 miles offering plenty activities for families. The island has an extensive network of cycling paths, sports activities as well as bars and restaurants. Having everything for a good time spending, still other islands are worth visiting.

North Holland and South Holland

One of the most popular beach resorts in these areas are  Hoek van Holland, Callantsoog, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort, Noordwijk, Katwijk, Den Helder, Schoorl and Egmond aan Zee. 

Each of them has its own highlights and attractions. The whitest and the widest beaches are situated close to Callantsoog. The area of Schoorl is proud of its widest and highest dunes in Holland. The highest one is the Radar Dune which is 177 ft.  

The most visited resort in the country however is Scheveningen. It offers all kinds of attractions. It is the best place for surfing in Holland. The highlight is a pier stretching 984 ft out into the water. At the end of the pier there is a watching point offering you a great view of the whole Scheveningen and the sea. There you will find lots of bars, cafes and restaurants. This is a real paradise for seafood lovers.