Dutch Cheese

Holland is the country known for being the largest cheese exporter in the world. Every year it produces around 600 million kilos of cheese, two third of which is exported. According to statistics, every Dutch eats more than 14 kilos of cheese during the year. Among the most popular cheese brands are Edam and Gouda.  

It is claimed that cheese-making equipment has already existed in Holland even in far 200 B.C. The remains of this equipment, found by archeologists prove that the Dutch connection with cheese industry dates back to pre-historian times. By the Middle Ages cheese has already occupied a leading position in the Dutch industry and since then, Holland has managed to develop strong diary industry. 

Many centuries have passed as the Dutch cheese production industry has undergone numerous modernizations and became an inevitable part of the country’s culture and history. Those of you, who are really interested in cheese making, may visit Zaanse Schans. Here you will enjoy the live performance of the whole process and even taste it to choose the best and the most delicious for yourself. 

Holland is full of traditional cheese markets that you can find in the towns of Edam, Alkmaar and Woerden. They help the visitors to understand the whole cheese making industry and explore a huge choice of cheese brands; and in Alkmaar you may even visit the museum of cheese. Throughout the whole country you may come across a big amount of cheese shops where you can choose a tasty Dutch present. 

Even though Gouda cheese is one of the most popular ones, Holland can also boasts other varieties of cheese that are, without any doubt, worth trying. These are some of Holland’s favorites:


It is a mild and nutty cheese with large holes. This buttery cow’s milk cheese was created in 1990s. It is perfect for snacks, breakfasts, sandwiches and salads. It is also delicious when grilled or melted.  


This cheese is named after the city where it was originated and there is even a saying that after trying this cheese, you will never want to eat other types of cheese, as this one is simply perfect. It is a bit similar to Gouda but drier. It is creamy and is mixed with cumin seeds which give it its aromatic hint. 

Smoked Gouda

Even though there are many modern technologies for making such kind of cheese, it is still smoked in ancient brick ovens. It is distinguished by its yellow color and natural garlic and herbs flavor. Smoked Gouda is creamy and is perfect for melting into different kinds of recipes, for sandwiches, beer and fresh fruit.