Dutch Islands

Wadden Islands are the five islands in the Wadden Sea located between Den Helder in Holland and Esbjerg in Denmark. On the islands you will find huge open spaces, large dunes, spectacular flora and fauna with clear beaches. Each island however has its own atmosphere and character.

The Wadden islands include: Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. 


Texel with its length of 30 kilometers is the biggest Wadden Island. The island is well known thanks to its stunning beaches, beautiful landscape, busy nightlife and numerous activities. 

On Texel you may visit the National Park which houses an exhibition on underwater life or one of the museums. The most interesting one is Beachcombing Museum exhibiting treasures found on the beach. For beer lovers a tour to the local brewery will be the best option.

The majority of people come to Texel to practice horseback riding, cycling, sailing, parachute jumping, surfing, canoeing and fly boarding. One of the popular activities here is mud walking. 

Texel is a place where the world’s largest catamaran race takes place. Blues festival and Sculpture festival also attract a lot of people. 


Vlieland is the most remote island from the mainland. It is 12 kilometers long with the width of 2 kilometers. This quiet and pretty small island has only one village. Take a boat tour on the Wadden Sea and watch the seals. Also don’t miss the exhibition on the historic past of Vlieland.   

If you are a fan of pop music, visit Vlieland in September as the first week of the month is usually characterized by pop festival “Into the Great Wide Open”. 


The island welcomes its visitors with the oldest lighthouse dating back to 1594. Here you will meet unique species of plants, numerous butterflies and bird colonies. Mudflat tours here are one of the most popular activities among tourists. 

One of the most famous festivals on the island is Oerol Festival when the whole place becomes a stage for singing and cabaret dancing.

Terschelling has various galleries and exhibition spaces and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment venues. 


Ameland Island is very often referred to as Wadden Diamond as it earned the Quality Coast Award in 2009. On the island you may climb the high dunes, ride the tractor on the beach or watch a monthly demonstration of a horseback rescue team. For fishing lovers this place is great to fish for mackerel. Trying farm cheese, rye bread and its special liqueur is the must. 


It is the smallest of Wadden islands with only one village with the same name – Schiermonnikoog. Thanks to its diverse flora and fauna the island was designed as a National Park with dunes, mudflats and woods.

Besides that Schiermonnikoog has the widest beach in Europe. The island is visited by 300 000 people annually. Its culinary specialties are farm cheese and honey.