Gay Holland

Holland is known for being very tolerant and welcoming for gay and lesbian people. It is a popular holiday spot for homosexuals because of the open atmosphere.Liberal Holland is known for being very progressive and forward thinking, as well as not discriminating against people because of their sexual preferences. It was the first country in the whole world to make same sex marriages legal. That happened in the year 2001. A lot of Dutch society openly displays support for the LGBT community.

The gay scene in the country’s capital city of Amsterdam is one of the biggest in Europe. There are over 100 gay bars, clubs, hotels, shops, and saunas in Amsterdam. Two men in a relationship or two women in a relationship will attract little interest in open and liberal Amsterdam.  

Gay Culture in Amsterdam

Within Amsterdam there is a large concentration of popular gay establishments along Amstel, Kerkstraat, and Reguliersdwarsstraat. Places offering a more intense and full on experience can be found in the notorious Red Light District, in particular Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat.  

Some places to try for a taste of gay Amsterdam include Vivelavie, a trendy café that is aimed at lesbians although men are also welcome, Club Roque dance club and disco, the relaxed and swish Prik that boasts a great array of colourful cocktails, the English themed Soho with its intimate dance floor and cool vibes, and the uber stylish ARC. Singing and cheery fun are high on the agenda at Amstel Fifty Four, and the long and vivacious parties at Mix Café draw both gay and straight clientele. Church cruise club can be a good way to meet like-minded people, and it often hosts a variety of wacky and fun events, such as slave auctions, flight clubs, and the infamous Sex on Sunday party night. Others include Lellebel cabaret and drag show bar, Saarein lesbian hang out bar, and Spijkerbar with its welcoming lower level and a darker and exciting upper level!

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Gay Pride in Amsterdam is huge. Held every day it is a week of street parties with a carnival like atmosphere. Amsterdam night clubs and bars are bursting at the seams, rainbow coloured flags are flown, people dress up in elaborate outfits, and fun is had by all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. There are many live entertainment options around the city, as well as sports and cultural activities. The diversity of the Dutch population is celebrated with gusto.

Gay Sightseeing Spots

In the historical centre of Amsterdam you will find the aptly named homomonument. It is a memorial in honour of all people, male and female, who have faced challenges and struggles because of their sexuality. It symbolizes the struggles for freedom and equal rights that have been overcome by gay people. It is made of three pink triangles, and is quite moving.

The Erotica Museum is a novel and unusual attraction for everyone, filled with bizarre and risqué curiosities.


You could take a gay-themed tour of the iconic capital city. GAYtic operates personalized and tailored tours of Amsterdam. Your tour will be based on your exact interests and requirements, so whether you are interested in famous landmarks, art, architecture, religion, gay history, the histpry of the city, or other things, you will be able to create a tour with a knowledgeable, friendly, and professional guide to suit your tastes. 

You will find gay establishments within other parts of the country, outside of Amsterdam, although the vast majority of places are largely concentrated in the capital city. The smaller the place you visit, the fewer options you will have. With a tolerant and liberal outlook, however, being openly gay within most establishments will not be a problem. If you start smooching and showing excessive public displays of affections though you may be frowned at – this is not because of your sexuality, rather, that excessive displays of public affection from anyone, regardless of gender and sexuality, are often not deemed as appropriate behavior.  

Holland is a great place for couple of any sexual orientation, and its open attitude makes it especially great for those who may feel awkward in other places.