Haunted Holland

Fans of the supernatural and paranormal will be pleased to hear that there are several spots that are said to be haunted across the country of Holland. Feel the chills run down your spine and feel your skin start to tingle as you take a trip to one of this spooky spots that are said to be favourite haunts of otherworldly and ghostly beings. You may need permission to enter some sites, so make sure that you check with the relevant owners first.

Anne Frank’s House

In the capital city of Amsterdam, Anne Frank’s House is one of the most famous tourist attractions, drawing in many visitors each year. Within the house, many visitors have said that they could feel cold spots when walking through Anne’s Room – the Secret Annex. It is also said that if you linger until night time and take a walk around in the dark that you may be able to see the still figure of a young girl looking out through the window. It is certainly not a sight for the faint hearted! 

Bell Tower

Amsterdam’s Bell Tower is said to be the scene of an annual ghostly appearance. On the 2nd of June each year it is said that a small boy and his family climb the stairs, disappearing without a trace. Even stranger is that they are reported to be dressed in clothes from the early 1900s. 


Appropriately named, the small Dutch town of Monster is the home of one haunted house. People rarely live in the house for long, and the weird happenings inside the house have made the papers several times. It is known locally for being haunted. Residents have said that they can hear voices and screams in the house, and that things often move on their own. The basement is particularly active, with piercing screams coming up from below. 


Part of Schagen in North Holland, the town of T-Zand has a building that was previously used a home for mentally and physically handicapped people. It stood empty for some time and was set to be demolished, but was then changed into affordable accommodation for students. Students and visitors have said that they heard strange noises, including footsteps, breathing, panting, voices, and whispers, and experienced odd things such as being unable to open unlocked doors, objects moving by themselves, seeing figures moving in the shadows, cold spots, chills, drafts, and a sensation of being touched.  


Singravan Manor

In Denekamp, Singravan Manor was used previously as a home for nuns. The nuns occupied the property in the start of the 16th century. Apparently a nun was bricked up into one of the walls as a sacrificial offering to the building. The nun was alive at the time and perished in the dark of the wall. It is said that there have been many unpleasant and unhappy events at the building since that time, with many people believing that the ghostly nun inflicts sorrow on people who live in the house. It is said that she can sometimes be seen as an apparition, and that a sighting of the nun always foretells doom. 

Duivenstein Castle

Located in Voorschoten, Duivenstein Castle is said to be patrolled at night by a former owner doing the rounds and checking the grounds. Activity is largely limited to outside of the building around the walls. 

Binnenveld House

Also sometimes referred to as Huissen House, the house is often said to be one of the haunted spots in the whole country. With many deaths in the property over the years, it is little wonder that people believe the house to be home to spirits and ghosts today. In the 1700s many people died in the house during flooding, people have hung themselves in the home, and a German soldier was killed in the property. In modern times, it is reported that owners have experienced a string of bad luck and unusual events. There are said to be strange things that happen inside the house, including noises and things moving.  

Waardenburg Castle

This is another place that is said to see a lot of strange activity. It has a creepy atmosphere, and is sure to give you chills and shivers. Stories say that bodies were discovered in the basement and that Dr Faust lived in the castle before being taken to hell by the devil! There are apparently bloodstains on the windows that cannot be removed by any means, and people have said that they can hear footsteps and whispers, feel cold winds, and that things move without explanation. 

Other places in Holland that are meant to be haunted include Hoensbroek Castle, a stretch of road in St. Oedenrode, and the old nun’s home in Breda.