Holland by bike

Do you know any other country in the whole world where there would be more bicycles than people? More than 85 % of people in Holland use bicycles every day, some of them have even more than one bike. The Dutch and their bikes seem to be inseparable. For them bicycle is not just the way of transportation, it’s a lifestyle. 

Thanks to Holland’s flat landscape, bicycle paths and other facilities, riding a bike is the best way to travel along the canals and busy roads, especially in the capital. All social classes ride bikes. It is not unusual to see a man in a 2000 $ suit cycling to office.

Be a part of the Dutch cycling culture and rent a bike to explore Holland.

Where to Rent

Bikes can be rented in the centers of the various big cities, from train stations, hotels and other types of accommodation. You may enjoy it for approximately 10 euros per day. 

However, there are a few things you should know before you start cycling

Useful Ride Tips

  • Cycle on the bicycle paths. They are marked with round blue signs with a white bicycle in the middle. 
  • Where there is no cycling path, cyclists may cycle on the road along with cars.
  • Bicycle lights: The front light must be white or yellow. The back light must be red and attached to the bicycle at a distance of 26 to 120cm above the road surface
  • Alcohol: the maximum blood alcohol level permitted when cycling is 0.5mg.
  • Child transport: children under the age of eight have to be transported on the back of a bicycle providing they have a safe seat with sufficient back, feet and hand support.
  • You can leave your bike in guarded bike sheds at a small charge, or free of charge in the bike racks. Do make sure you lock your bike.

How to Ride a Bike Like a Local

The secret is to stay as upright as possible and make it look effortless while being aware of pedestrians, cars and other bikers around you. It’s all about riding with confidence. Use the strength in your legs to push without moving the rest of your body so much. 

Cycling in Holland is Safe

Collision between a car and a cyclist leads to driver's insurance being deemed. This makes car drivers very careful as well as the fact that the majority of them are cyclists as well, thus they understand how vulnerable cyclists are.

Towns in Holland have been designed with limited car parking, what makes car use unattractive in towns.

The fact that the land is so flat, the mild climate, the short distances and the wonderful infrastructure makes cycling in Holland not just practical, but great fun as well. So if you want to see more of Holland, one of the best ways is to do it by bike.