It is not a secret that Holland is famous for its tulips. If you want to see the world famous Dutch tulip field in bloom, come here in April or May. This is the best period for exploring the country and enjoying its beauty taking into account that during this time Keukenhof opens its doors to visitors from all over the world.

Keukenhof is the biggest flower park in the world and obe of top ten attractions in Holland. Around 7.5 million bulbs are planted here by hand each year on the area of the park of more than 32 hectares. You will undoubtedly enjoy the beauty of bright colors and flower perfumes. Keukenhof is huge, everywhere you look are tulips. The park also includes four pavilions with magnificent collections of the most beautiful flowers. Among them are: roses, orchids, lilies, daffodils, hyacinths and of course tulips. 

Every year Keukenhof gets new appearance to surprise its visitors and everything in the park is usually designed to correspond to the main theme. It is considered to be the place to enjoy tulips in the country. Even though it is opened only 8 weeks a year, Keukenhof is visited by more than 800 000 people each year. For the last 60 years 44 million of people have visited the park. It is an unforgettable experience for both adults and their kids.   

Attracting such a huge amount of people Keukenhof usually create traffic problems near itself during opening weeks. It is located near the town of Lisse and is very often called the garden of Europe. It usually takes half an hour to get here from Amsterdam, the Hague, Leiden, Haarlem of Delft. You may also stay in Noordwijik, Leiden or Zandvoort and get to Keukenhof by bike. Bike gives you great opportunities for cycling along the fields and enjoying the beautiful landscapes. In general there are a lot of camping sites in holland, you are sure to choose something to your taste.

Keukenhof has won the prize for being the one of most valued attraction in Europe. It has its own Walk of Fame with tulips named after famous people. Keukenhof currently belongs to a Foundation.

An open air flower exhibition was held here for the first time in 1949 and since then became extremely popular and expanded to an annual event. A lot of people work on the park’s design and appearance to make it more attractive to the public during its opening weeks. Thanks to the efforts of all the organizers Keukenhof became the most photographed place in the country as it is different each year. As soon as you visit it once you will want to come back for more. 

If Keukehof won’t seem enough for you, you may also catch a flower parade which is held in April each year. You will have an extremely flowery day out.