Laag Holland

Laag Holland is an area above the North Sea canal representing the National Dutch landscape. The time in this area seems to have been frozen since the 18th century.

Laag Holland is a unique piece of a real Holland with plenty of water, windmills, endless greenery, rustic villages and picturesque streets.  

 Laag Holland is located above Amsterdam and among the most picturesque places of this area are Volendam, Monnickendam, Oosthuizen, Westzaan, Middenbeemster, Akersloot, De Rijp and Edam. Together they represent the most beautiful landscape of the country well-known for everyone from the guidebooks and the postcards. 

Besides its natural beauty Laag Holland is a region with several highlights such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Stelling van Amsterdam (Defence Line of Amsterdam) and Beemster polder. It emphasizes the great historical meaning of the region. Among other highlights are fishing villages, panoramas of UNESCO protected villages, peat meadow areas and land reclamations. 

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of Laag Holland is to cycle through its territory. It has everything for exciting cycling vacation thanks to its great network of cycling paths. They connect all the main attractions of the area. You will see the former island of Marken, the cheese market in Edam, the Golden Age mansions in the Beemster and the forts of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. There you also may take a picture of yourself wearing traditional dress and to taste the traditional herring in Volendam. After that take a boat trip to relax and enjoy the view of the area from the water. Don’t forget to take your camera because the area is not unreasonably called National Landscape, some great shots are guaranteed.

One of the famous attractions for tourists in Laag Holland is a picnic in the Beemster polder. This tour can be made either by car o by bike. The rout will take you to the farm shops where you will have a chance to choose your own food for a picnic. On your way you will stop at the fruit farm with the most delicious jams, Waterland’s Weelde selling the high quality meat from the region, Sonnevanck organic farm for milk and bread and cheese farm in Middenbeemster. And now you are ready to enjoy your picnic, the best spot is along the Beemstrerringvaart with a view of the Necker windmill.  

After the picnic you are ready for the last part of your trip – a visit to the pottery studio. Besides its ceramics the studio also boasts of a charming tea garden. 

The whole tour will take you for about 4 hours. The emotions are indescribable. What can be better than a day in the nature?