Outdoor Activities in Holland

Holland is known for its relaxed vibe, café culture, abundance of art, winding canals, Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District, and lots of interesting architecture, but did you also know that there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy too in the diverse European country?

Cycling, Biking and Walking

The flat landscapes make cycling and walking two very popular activities. With almost 20,000 kilometres of bicycle lanes and paths and hundreds of different routes to try out, biking around Holland is both fun and safe. It also helps to keep transportation costs down! When you cycle around the relatively small country you will see so much more … from traditional villages to buzzing cities, and from historical sites, stunning churches, and varied landscapes, you can get to so many different places with ease. Routes are well marked, and numerous maps are available, making it really difficult to get lost! Tandem bicycles are available to rent in many places, making a couples’ holiday and exploring Holland by bike even more fun!

Horse Riding

Horse riding is another great way to explore Holland – hop on the back of a trusty steed, and feel the wind blowing through your hair as you trot through the countryside.   

Stroll around the county’s plentiful parks and gardens, enjoying both the fresh air and the lovely surroundings.


Rest on a Beach

There are some fabulous beaches along the country’s coastline, although these are best visited in the warmer summer months. That said, you can still enjoy a pleasant stroll along the seafront in the winter – just don’t expect any swimming! Various water sports, such as windsurfing and kite surfing, are possible on the ocean, and there are several nice beach resorts, including Scheveningen and Zandvoort for those who just want to relax on the sands and enjoy being outside and on the beach. Thesee are added to the list of top beach resorts in Holland.

Boating in Lake Areas

Several lakes offer great summer sailing, especially the lake at Friesland. Explore lovely islands by foot.


Near to the capital city of Amsterdam, the Waterland Nature Reserve contains terrific opportunities for canoeing in really pretty surroundings. You can rent canoes for two in the attractive village of Holysloot, where you can spend some time visiting the beautiful white church and admiring the quaint houses. 

Winter Leisure

As well as summer boat trips along the canals and waterways, in the cold winters, when the water freezes solid, ice skating is immensely popular. Strap on a pair of skates and take to the ice with the locals; people of all ages love ice skating in Holland the most among things to do in winter.

Training Outdoors 

In the green and leafy Rembrandtpark, within the Amsterdam area, you will find a surprising outdoor gym, complete with all modern equipment. Even better, it is completely free! You can get active and keep fit in the great outdoors without it costing you a single dime! What better way could there be to stay fit and healthy than by exercising in a natural setting whilst listening to the chattering and singing of birds? Weights and cardio equipment are amongst the facilities available. There is also a children’s play area nearby, sure to keep the little ones happy and active.

Recreation Parks

Vondelpark is a prime spot for roller blading enthusiasts. Roller blades are available to hire, and you can whizz along the pathways and feel completely free. Maps are available to help you make the most of your time on wheels.

Oosterpark offers even more outdoor fun, with t’ai chi and kung fu lessons beneath the branches. Classes take place near to the bandstand, and operate in almost all weather conditions. As well as enjoying being outside, you can also combine physical and mental exercise for a state of supreme well being.

High quality golf courses can be found across the country, so get prepared for some swinging and walking!  

Pole Sitting

A famous activity in Holland is the practice of pole sitting. Whilst people are not likely to build up much of a sweat, seeing somebody doing this feat of balance and endurance can be rather unusual and strangely entertaining. It is literally as the same suggests – somebody sitting atop a pole for as long as they possibly can. Why not have a go yourself?!

Going Into Sports

There are plenty of swimming pools across Holland, including both indoor and outdoor pools. 

There are various organized sporting events that you can watch if you wish to be outdoors but are not feeling so active yourself. Dutch football is very popular. Korfball is another popular sporting event that you should try and see when visiting the country. Unique to, and born in, Holland, it is an interesting combination of basketball, volleyball, and netball. People play korfball all around the country.


With lots of outdoor activities in Holland to enjoy, there really is no need to spend all your time indoors. Get out and enjoy the best of outside Holland.