Schiphol Airport

A nice city deserves a nice airport. Amsterdam is able to boast of having such an airport. Schiphol is truly one of the best airports in Europe. Thousands of passengers every day change planes in Amsterdam. It’s always a pleasure to land here. The airport itself doesn’t look very much different from other airports but everything here seems to work as planned and getting in and around the airport is pretty easy, 

In the year 1980 Schiphol was named “the Best Airport in the World”. It is the 3rd busiest airport in Europe after Paris’ Charles de Gaulle and London’s Heathrow. It is home to KLM Airlines, Transavia, Northwest Airline and Martinair. Among the budget airlines that fly to Amsterdam are SkyEurope, Bmibaby and Easyjet. 

For all passengers the airport offers a lot of shops, a great food court area and Rijksmuseum branch. Here they have collections of contemporary and classical art. Even if you have some time to kill, you’ll never get bored here. 

If you have to wait more than three hours for your next plane, you can get out the airport and explore the city center.

Getting to Amsterdam from Schiphol

There are several ways how to get into town from Schiphol. They include taxi, shuttle bus and train. 


Taxi is probably the most comfortable way of getting into town as it will take you directly to your hotel. It is however not cheap at all so be prepared. Usually it will cost you about 50 or 60 EURO. It is the best option if you have brought too much luggage and are not able to carry it yourself or if you are travelling in a small group. Thus, you can split the price. 

Shuttle Bus 

Shuttle bus ride is way much cheaper than a taxi and will cost you for about 14 EURO and if you decide to book a round trip it will cost for about 22 EURO. There are several companies that operate shuttle busses. They have a set route and a schedule. The route connects the major hotels in the city.


Single train ride costs about 4 EURO. It is the cheapest option for everyone. Trains usually leave Schiphol airport every 10 minutes. As soon as you get your luggage you will see the signs that will lead you to the train. Follow them and you will be fine. You will see windows where you can buy tickets then take the escalators down and pretty soon you will be in Amsterdam.