Dutch Football

Holland footballers are nothing but the real players. The style and the passion that these men put into the game can not leave anybody uninterested

At first sight Dutch are uncomplicated but in a very complicated way. The famous Dutch footballer once said: “Every disadvantage has its advantage” - and so he put football to a new philosophical level.

The word “voetbaletftal” is one of the fist accurate translations of football which is now the most popular game in the world. And if you are at all familiar with this game then you definitely heard about legendary “Clockwork Orange” team.

The  “Orange” team was named in an honor to the William 1 of Orange who raised the Dutch against then ruling Spanish, which after the Eighty Years War led to an independence of the Dutch country. By getting such a historical, brave name footballers doomed themselves to be great players. The journey of success started early, their first game was in 1905 against Belgium where Holland scored 1:4. The Netherland made their first appearance at the World Cup final tournament in 1934; though it took them some time to get the first seats already in 1970 they set a new term “Total Football” while playing in a World Cup against West Germany. The Dutch hold the record for playing the biggest amount of  Cup finals without ever getting the first place. They got silver  in 1974, 1978, and in 2010 World cups by loosing to Germany, Argentina and Spain very respectively. In spite of all unluck in the World Cups they managed to win Euro Championship in 1988.

The Netherlands played home matches in Amsterdam on the Amsterdam Arena, in Rotterdam on the De Kuip, in Breda on the Rat Verleph Stadium and in Utrecht on the Staion Galgenwaard.

Recently, in 2011 the team was named number one national team in the FIFA world rankings by the sum of the scores without preliminary winning the World Cup. And by now it is still one of the strongest football teams in Europe and in the whole world. Holland footballers are nothing but the real players. The style and the passion that these men put into the game can not leave anybody uninterested. No one can predict their attacks or their defense. The Brazilian team captain that holds the first price for the 1970 FIFA World CUP, Carlos Alberto said: “the only team I have seen that did things differently was Holland. Since then everything looks more or less the same to me, their “carousel” style of play was amazing to watch and marvelous for the game”.

The so – called “Flying Dutchmen” are recognized all over the globe by a famous goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar who played for the world famous Ajax, Juventus, Fulham and Manchester United. In the seasons of 2008-09 goalkeeper set the world record by not conceding any goal for 1,311 minutes. He has also glorified his country by getting the Best European Goalkeeper and UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year in 2009. He can be truly called one of the best goalkeepers of all times.

The “clockwork Orange” team has always been an unpredictable power and it remains the same. And without doubts all football fans are going to observe another round of exciting and breathtaking game of great players.

So, its true, Dutch are uncomplicated but in a very complicated football game.