Weird and Wonderful Holland

There are several attractions across Holland that can only be described as weird and wonderful! Unique, unusual, and strange sights can be seen in various places across the country – they certainly make for some excellent pictures!

Controversy Tram Hotel in Hoogwoud

In Hoogwoud you can stay in an unusual form of accommodation – it is worth seeing though even if you do not intend staying there! A Dutch couple have renovated and restored an old train carriage to create an unusual place to rest your head when in town. Offering comfort and style as well as quirkiness, the double rooms are en suite with hot drink making facilities. Situated in some lovely scenery, there is also an old fighter plane outside! In the main house, the property owners have even more old vehicles – they sleep in a converted double decker bus in the living room, and in the kitchen there is an old van from France. The bed and breakfast is called Controversy Tram Hotel, and is a place not to miss if you are in the area. It makes for a perfect choice for rail and transport enthusiasts!

St. Pietersberg Caves in Maastricht

In Maastricht step inside the St. Pietersberg Caves, where you will see a riot of different sights. As well as the limestone walls of these ancient caves, you will see the bold and brash graffiti that is emblazoned across the walls.You can see how the caves were prepared for use in case of an air raid during World War 2, although they were never actually used for this purpose.


Wind Wall in Rozenburg

In Rozenburg you can see the Wind Wall, a construction to make the conditions easier for ships traversing along the canals. By breaking the wind it makes the passage less bumpy. Comprised of huge concrete blocks in different shapes, it looks like some kind of modern public art display. It is both functional and visually intriguing. It was a fascinating addition to the small port in the south of the country.

Ons’Lieve Heer op Solder in Amsterdam

There is outwardly nothing particularly different about the old 17th century house on Amsterdam’s Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40. The former home, known as Ons’Lieve Heer op Solder, reveals its spectacular secret in the upper levels. The attic has been converted into a three story church! In the days when practicing Catholicism was prohibited in the country, a rich tradesman had an ingenious idea, and so this special church was born. Having climbed up the steep stairs you will be greeted with a really strange and unusual sight – a complete religious building within a home. It is certainly an interesting attraction near to the famous Red Light District.


Close to Den Haag visitors can stroll through the whole country – in miniature! Madurodam is a wonderful scale replica of the entire country, complete with all the major landmarks and features. It is a popular place for tourists.

The Mesdag Panorama in The Hague

The Mesdag Panorama is the biggest Victorian panorama still sited in its original location. In The Hague, it transports visitors to the charming North Sea village of Scheveningen with ease. Incredibly life like and real, you would be forgiven that you had slipped to a completely different time and place. It is 120 metres long and 12 metres tall – wander along, gazing at the charming scene, and feel inspired and in awe at this fantastic masterpiece from yesteryear. 

Rijkderkabouters Park

Near to Assen, the Rijkderkabouters is a park that is crammed with gnomes! Gnomes of different sizes and in a wide range of outfits await, complete with a selection of different tools and implements. The bright colours and fairytale-esque environment are fun for old and young alike.


Pancake Boats

Take a ride on a novel Pancake Boat and enjoy eating whilst cruising. There are various different Dutch pancakes to enjoy, with a large selection of fillings and toppings. The boats serve up these treats as you drift along the waterways of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Nijmegen.


Those who like getting down and dirty – in the literally sense – should have a go at Wadlopen. This bizarre activity involves squelching through the mushy mud in the Wadden Sea. Keen walkers can spend hours strolling through the sticky mud. It is best to visit in the warmer months when the mud is soft and squishy. 

With such a variety of weird and wonderful things to enjoy in Holland, it is easy to soak up the major sights and see some traditional attractions combined with those that are a little more offbeat and quirky.