Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is an extremely charming village with hump-backed bridges, green wooden houses and historic windmills located on the banks of Zaan River in the province of North Holland.

It is one of the popular tourist attractions visited by 900 000 people annually. 

Top Zaanse Scahns Attractions: 


Windmills are known to be one of the typical symbols of Holland. Once there used to be about a thousand of windmills along the river and now 6 of them are represented at the Zaanse Schans. Among them are a mustard mill, a paint mill, two saw mills and two oil mills.A visit to all of these industrial mills will totally make your day. The majority of windmills from November to February are open only on weekends. Oil mill De Zoeker and paint mill De Kat are open every day from March to October. The one that is open all year round is the Jonge Schaap.


Zaanse Schans boasts of pretty interesting museums which are of great interest to all its visitors. The main museum includes a big collection of artifacts and tells the whole history of the area. Among other museums are the Windmill Museum, the Bakery Museum, and the Noorderhuis Costume Museum. Here you may find out everything about Dutch history you ever wanted to know. 

Traditional Crafts and Shops 

Here you may visit the traditional Dutch workshops. Among them are the Pewter Foundry, the Cheese Farm and the Wooden Shoe Workshop. They are generally open daily all year round. You will have a chance to enjoy the demonstrations of cheese making, Delftware painting and traditional clog-making. Dutch clogs is the right present from Holland. 

River Cruises 

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of this place is to observe it from the water. River cruises along Zaan are available from April to October and offer a stunning view of a typical Dutch landscape. Tickets can be purchased at the Zaanse Schans Information Centre. Here you may also get all the necessary information to find out what interests you the most.

After exploring all the attractions drop by the shops selling cheese, pottery, textiles, clogs and postcards as you will definitely want to bring something home after such an amazing day. All the shops are located in historical buildings and sell Delft Blue porcelain, jewelry, sweets and bread from the Bakery Museum.  

Zaanse Schans is not just an open-air museum; it is a perfect place to feel yourself as if you just stepped back in the eighteenth century where all Dutch traditional items are represented. It is a perfect place for day out for the whole family. It is waiting for its visitors all year round.

It can’t get more Dutch than at Zaanse Schans!