Top 10 Art Galleries in Holland

Holland is an excellent choice for art lovers and culture vultures. Brimming with art galleries and art museums, as well as a rich variety of other museums and cultural attractions, everyone is sure to find something to tickle their artistic fancy. From modern art to classic pieces, each of Holland’s main cities offers a wonderful selection of terrific art work. The country is like a huge gallery! Holland also claims to have the largest concentration of art per square mile in the entire world!

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This is a great celebration of the renowned 19th century post-impressionist painter. One of Holland’s most well known and loved artists, Van Gogh’s popularity soared in the years after his death. Within Van Gogh Museum you can marvel at some of his masterpieces, as well as a collection of works by artists, who were inspired by Van Gogh. It is the largest collection of art work by Van Gogh in the whole world.

The Hermitage, Amsterdam

This is the Dutch branch of the famous Hermitage in Russia’s St Petersburg. Set alongside the water front, it is the biggest satellite of the Hermitage. It is housed within a grand and attractive building – Amstelhof. The main exhibition is changed twice a year.  The permanent exhibitions include the history of the building and long relations between Holland and Russia. Using works from then main museum in St Petersburg, you are guaranteed to see some spectacular treasures and appreciate some fine pieces and paintings. You will also find a café, shops, and a concert hall.

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The national museum is home to a great selection of art, as well as other exhibits and displays. It offers the chance to see a terrific selection of art and culture from Holland. One of the must see pieces includes Night Watch by one of Holland’s legendary painters, Rembrandt. Works by Vermeer are also very popular. There are many other pieces by 17th century masters in Rijksmuseum. There is also a collection of fine Delftware and some lovely and charming dolls’ houses.


The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, Den Haag

The museum is the regular home of the famous Girl with the Pearl Earring. The painting will return to the museum in June 2014 following a World Tour. The museum itself is also closed until the end of June, undergoing renovation works. Upon its reopening though, you will be able to see a large collection of impressive works. With works by 17th and 18th century masters, it is one of the not-to-miss galleries in Holland.  The collections are contained within a splendid 17th century palace. 

Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag

Within the fabulous Art Deco building you can see a staggering selection of some of the finest pieces of art. It is known for being a terrific place for fans of the arts and fashion. It has the world’s biggest collection of Mondriaan’s works, as well as a large and varied collection of modern art, with works by Monet, Picasso, Bacon, and many more. 

The Palace Museum, Den Haag

At this museum you can see numerous works by the Dutch graphic artists, Maurits Cornelius Escher, all contained within their own fantastic collection. 

Panorama Mesdag, Den Haag

The main attraction is the enormous canvas painting. It is the biggest circular canvas in Europe, standing at 46 feet high and with a circumference of 395 feet. It offers a unique experience, and one where you can step back in time and become absorbed with the beach activities and scenery at Scheveningan in the year of 1880.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam is over 160 years old. The permanent collection show cases pieces from the late Middle Ages until the 1940s, and boasts works by Dali, Bosch, and Titian. It also has a building that displays various temporary exhibitions.

Museum Catharijne, Utrecht

Whilst Museum Catharijne is not an art museum per se, this museum contains a fine collection of religious art and artifacts. Set inside a former monastery, you can also see items paying homage to the only Pope to have come from Holland.  

Royal Delft, Delft

This is the only 17th century blue earthenware factory still in existence. You can learn about the traditions and skill involved in hand painting the beautiful and delicate Delft earthenware items. You can enjoy a journey through the past, present, and future, watch a painting demonstration, see various exhibits, and enjoy this one of a kind experience.