Top 10 Castles

Holland is the country consisting of 12 provinces with approximately 300 castles spread around its territory. For history lovers and those who want to admire the beauty of mediaeval castles visiting them will be a great pleasure. 

Muiderslot Castle 

Located near the Vecht river, Muiderslot castle is just a short ride away from the capital of Holland and its major tourist destination - Amsterdam. This impressive building is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After visiting, you´ll have no doubts why the Muiderslot once used to be the most significant fortress of Amsterdam. Earlier it was used as a courthouse and a prison as well. The castle is the most famous and significant one in the Dutch history. The castle is nowadays a national museum and can be visited from April to October.

Kasteel de Haar

Kasteel de Haar is situated near Utrecht, only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam. It has everything to satisfy any taste as it combines both medieval and modern. After the complete restoration the castle looks even more like the one from a fairy-tale. The castle was entirely restored in the 19th century; it is surrounded by the park with ponds and large trees and resembles the one from fairy-tales. The complex has something to offer for everyone. It is an unusual and fascinating mixture of the medieval and the modern.


Doornenburg castle has never been besieged and there is not much to tell about its history, but it is a great example of mediaeval architecture. It used to be German headquarters and later destroyed by British. It was rebuilt and completely restored in 1966.

Zeist Castle 

The castle is the first example of the department store. Such prominent personalities as Tsar Alexander used to visit it. It still has various specialty shops. Built in the French baroque style, the castle’s interior boasts of unique furniture and large mirrors. 

Ammersoyen Castle

Ammersoyen castle is similar to Redhound and Helmond. It is located near the banks of Maas river and has a rectangular shape with four wings and courtyards and is separated by the bridge. The English writer John Box wrote a book about it - Chronicles of the Castle of Amelroy or Ammerzode. 

Loevestein Castle

Loevenstein castle is the most popular one between tourists and school children as well. Situated in a very picturesque place the castle once used to be a prison.

Radboud Castle

Radbound castle is also known as Medemblik. It is considered that the name of the castle derives from the opinion that it was placed on the same spot where the 18th century king Radbound’s castle used to stand.

Doorwerth Castle 

It is believed that at first the castle was made of wood but it burned down and was later rebuilt. After the WWII the castle was under restoration for a long time and in the 18th century it came back to its state. Nowadays it is used as the museum.

Helmond Castle

Helmond castle is very much like Radbound Castle. It has 4 circular corner towers and houses a museum inside. The castle is no longer used as a city hall; it is currently used for dinner parties and ceremonies. It has undoubtedly seen a lot of weddings.

Duurstede Castle

Duurstede castle once used to be the fortifications of the town. But later in 1852 the town council became the owner of it and turned the caste into a park. Nowadays the castle is very often used for dinners, parties and weddings.