Top 10 Attractions for Kids

Holland is the country with numerous attractions for both young and old. Here are some ideas how to entertain your kids during the trip.

Top Attractions For Kids: 

  1.  Madurodam 
    It is a park representing Holland in miniature. All the canals, buildings, windmills and markets are shown to the smallest details as well as Dam Square, the Port of Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and many others. The characteristic feature of the park is that all the structures live their normal lives: airplanes land at the airport, windmills turn and the parades take place in the canals of Amsterdam. Kids will be pretty amazed to see the whole country in miniature. 
  2. Efteling
    The Efteling theme park is one of the largest in Europe. It has been welcoming visitors for around 60 years. At first it was designed as a fairy tale theme park for kids. Later it developed into a big park perfect for spending a day there with a whole family. Both children and adults will enjoy its roller-coasters, fun rides and other adventures. One of the favorite kids attraction in the park is a talking tree which starts telling stories when you approach it.
  3. Dolfinarium
    Dolfinarium is one of the best places to take your kids to. The underwater world of the Dolfinarium will let you see walruses, sharks and sea lions and other water creatures. It has a pretty big
    collection of marine mammals. You may also catch a show to see the dolphins and sea lions performing numerous tricks.  A day spent in dolphinarium will bring positive emotions to you and your kinds. 

  4. Miffy at the Dick Bruna House
    The story about the little rabbit Miffy was translated into many languages. More than 80 million copies of the book were sold all over the world. The museum is fully dedicated to Dick Bruna and his creation. The museum is located in Untrecht just next to Centraal Museum Utrecht which is also worth visiting. 
  5. Drievliet
    It is a great theme park for the whole family with magical shows, children activities and adventurous rides. There are plenty of quite scarring activities and it is up to you how to spend your day in the park you can make it as adventurous as you want. It is situated in the Hague and don’t forget to check the opening hours as they may change.
  6. Amusement Park Duinrell
    Duinrell is one of the greatest theme parks combined with the best swimming pool you can only imagine. Park’s rollercoasters is something unforgettable. The place is perfect for people of all ages. Its adventure castle, waterfalls, splash and slide in Tiki Pool and numerous small attractions will bring you tons of positive emotions. The wonderful time is guaranteed. 
  7. Theme park and Resort Slagharen
    It is one of the largest theme parks in Holland with pony parks, parades, fun shows and a pool. Slagharen also has a carousel, Ferris wheel and the beach. You may also catch the performances of Indians and cowboys. Besides all its attractions the park offers holidays to accommodate all its visitors.
  8. Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp
    The Rotterdam Zoo is one of the country’s biggest attractions. It is visited by lots of people every year. Besides Crocodile River, savanna, a bat cave and a gorilla island the zoo also boasts of a 20 meters tunnel across the bottom of the sea enabling you to meet turtles, sharks, king penguins and other creatures.
  9. The National Maritime Museum
    The museum is located pretty close to Amsterdam Central Station and welcomes both young and old. It tells a long and rich marine history of the country.  All kids love the virtual on board adventure which enables them to meet prominent figures and find out how they survived during battles and storms.
  10. Museum Speelklok
    Museum Speelklok is claimed to be the most musical one in the whole world. It exhibits pianolas, musical boxes, carillon clocks and many more interesting items. The musical repertoire is different all the time. Feel absolutely free to sing and dance with the guide.