Top Beach Resorts In Holland

Holland is the country mainly famous thanks to its capital city Amsterdam and its liberal atmosphere. The majority of tourists visiting Holland come to explore not only Amsterdam and Holland’s small villages but also the country’s beach resorts. The country offers great opportunities for beach holidays, shopping, watersports practicing, dunes exploring and practically everything you can think of. 

The Major Beach Resorts In Holland:

  1. Noordwijk
    It is a popular beach resort attracting numerous visitors. The place is ideal for relaxing and lying on the sun. Thousands of restaurants along the coastline are catering visitors from different countries. Here you’ll have a chance the explore the space exhibition. It is claimed to be the first permanent space exhibition in whole Europe. If you are visiting Noordwijik in spring it is great to take a bike and ride through the huge colorful bulb field. Also try not to miss the flower parade as it is stunning. In the summertime the place has numerous festivals and busy nightlife.
  2. Zandvoort 
    The town Zandvoort located by the sea is a destination for numerous beach lovers from all over the world. The town is also popular thanks to Circuit Park Zandvoort which attracts motorfans. There you may test your driving skills. The place has everything for a perfect holiday and it is easy to reach, it will take you half an hour train ride from Amsterdam.
  3. Bergen
    This place is always great in any time of the year. It seems to be the kind of place able to satisfy everyone. It has stunning beaches, beautiful nature, festivals and art fairs. The highest and the widest dunes in Holland are located here – Schoorlse Duinen. They are one of the attractions of Bergen. Rent a bike and enjoy their beauty.Besides its nature beauties the city offers great opportunities for shopping: numerous boutiques are located here and after lying in the sun you may always stroll through the numerous shops.
  4. Scheveningen
    Scheveningen is popular for its sandy beaches and charming landscape with a lighthouse and a nice pier. This place became a great spot for practicing watersports. Among the most famous ones are kiteboarding and windsurfing. Lots of people from different corners of the country and the world come here to enjoy watersports. It is a perfect place for both beginners and professionals.
  5. Bloemendaal 
    Bloemendaal is so called Dutch Ibiza. It is one of the most visited beach resorts in the country. In summertime is crowded as Bloemendaal’s beach is truly fantastic with non-stop beach parties. Bloemendaal is only half an hour train from Amsterdam. Hop on the train any time when the weather is good and a great day is guaranteed.