Top Picturesque Villages in Holland

Holland is the country with an abundance of interesting places to visit. And not only big cities are worth your attention, some of the country’s picturesque villages are also not to be missed. 

Top Village In Holland:

The White Village of Thorn

  1. The White Village of Thorn is the place that attracts lots of visitors thanks to its characteristic white houses, cobbled streets and magnificent Abbey Church. It is a historical site and if you are curious about the history of the village you may visit the municipal museum “The Land of Thorn”.  The famous Chapel under the Linden is about 2 kilometers away from the historic center. 

  2. Naarden
    This place is claimed to be one of the best fortified towns in Europe.  It is a bright example of a Spanish star fort with a moat and walls. Naarden is undoubtedly worth a trip to enjoy the green surroundings and defense works. The view of it is breathtaking. For those who want to learn more about history of fortressed town there is a Fortress Museum to explore.
  3. Giethoorn
    Giethoorn is Europe’s largest wetland very often called the Venice of the Netherlands. There are no cars here and the houses with thatched domes are packed alongside the canals crossed by 150 bridges. All this adds even more charm to the image of the town. Giethoorn is located in the national park Weerribben-Wieden and is a highlight in itself. 
  4. Urk
    Urk is known for being a fishing village which history dates back over one thousand years. Walking through its old part you can still feel its spirit. It is said to have delicious fish dishes so if you are fan of seafood drop by one of the local restaurants. Trips over the lake and to the eel farm are highly recommended to all visitors. There are also great opportunities for watersports here. The best times to visit are on weekdays.
  5. Edam
    Edam has strongly been associated with cheese as its cheese is traded from here to many countries of the world. Here you will have a chance to see the 18th century cheese warehouses. Even though Edam is pretty small it looks really beautiful with all its charming houses, squares and bridges. Don’t forget to visit the Edam Cheese Market to taste its finest products.
  6. Marken
    Marken community is known for making money with fishing, in the 13th century the village was separated from the mainland after a storm. Nowadays tourism is one of the major sources of income on the island. All the traditional houses and costumes remind the past times and make you feel like you stepped back to either seventeenth or eighteenth century.
  7. Sneek
    Sneek is mainly known for being a watersport capital of Friesland. Each watersport lover shouldn’t miss Sneek. It offers great facilities for all these kinds of sports and during summer season it hosts many events and tournaments which attract both beginners and professionals.