Top Useful Phrases in Holland


In Holland, Dutch is the official language with local variations in the different provinces and cities. However, English, German and French are also widely spoken especially in the urban centers so conversing with the locals will not be quite difficult. However, it always helps to know a few useful phrases and words when travelling around the country. Greetings said in Dutch can help in breaking the ice when meeting new people. Or when you need to ask for directions or require assistance, conversations can flow easier. Here are some that can be worthwhile to remember:

Traditional Greetings and Words of Etiquette:

Good morning.  Goeiemorgen/ Goedemorgen

Good afternoon. Goeiemiddag/Goedemiddag.

Good evening. Goeienavond/Goedeavond

Good night. Goeienacht/Goedenacht.

How are you? Hoe gaat het/ Hoe gaat het met je?

I am fine, thanks! Het gaat goed met me, dank je! Or Goed, dank je!

Thank you! Dank je.Or Dank u.

Bye/Goodbye. Dag! or Goeiedag nog!

Nice to meet you. Aangenam kennis te maken.

Take care! Doe voorzichtig!

Please. Alstubleift.


What is your name? Wat is je naam?

My name is…. Mijn naam is…

Where are you from? Van waar ben je?

I am from…Ik ben van de…

Asking for Help or Getting Directions.

Can you help me? Kan ik je helpen? Or Alstublieft kan u me helpen?

Where is the…? Waar is de…?

When is the…? Waneer is de…?

How much is this? Hoeveel kost het? Or Hoeveel kost dit?

Do you speak English? Spreekt u Engels?

Can you give me something for the…? Kun je me wat geven voor de..?

What does that mean? Wat betekent dat?

What is it? Wat is het?

Excuse me (when passing by). Excuseer.

Special Occasions:

Happy Birthday! Gelukkige verjaardag! Or Fijne Verjaardag!

Merry Christmas. Prettige Kerstdagen! Or Zalig Kersmis!

Happy New Year! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! 

Bon Voyage/Have a Safe Trip! Goede Reis!

Congratulations! Gefeliciteerd!

Good luck! Veel geluk!